Jessica R

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My experience with the Ann Terry project started with a move home to Cape Breton Island. I had some college and university in my past, but nothing that was enabling me to secure employment in a field of interest.

I met with one of the workers at Ann Terry, and began a combination of employment counseling, self evaluation and setting realistic goals. We talked about my needs, my ideas about what would work for my family and were able to start me in a direction.

I had applied for a skills development program, and was ready to start school when a job opportunity presented itself. I again sought the counsel of my worker and she was a very valuable resource for me while I made the decision to accept the position.

I am now working for an Orthopaedic clinic run by a local Cape Breton woman and am very happy in my employment. I have long term goals and feel very valued by my employer.

I believe Ann Terry is an essential resource for women in Cape Breton who are in need of support, advice or information about employment and educational opportunities around our island. I believe organizations like this one help to keep people from emigrating to other provinces or to the larger urban centers. I am certainly very happy that I was able to utilize such a vital place to help me find satisfying employment and stay here in Cape Breton.