Portfolio Development

The Ann Terry Project also offers a 10 week Portfolio Development Program for women. Counsellors will guide you through the portfolio process and assist you in the preparation of a well-organized and attractive skills and learning portfolio which reflect all of who you are. The Portfolio Development Course is a valuable tool to help you to identify and organize your skill sets and develop a portfolio.

Portfolio Development prepares you for your job search by identifying skill sets, matching them with the essential skills required by employers, and writing demonstration statements for each skill set. This process provides you with and understanding of your skills that will prove invaluable when marketing yourself to employers and conducting job interviews.


Because without that service (Ann Terry Project) I don’t know where I would have been. The contacts I made…I still have today.

I’m now in my thirties and I can’t land a job, I can’t not work , I have to live you know, so yeah as time goes on it’s harder. It’s not easier, it’s harder…but you know, the help, support and non-judgemental attitude of the staff (at Ann Terry Project) really opened my eyes to much more than what I thought I needed…it was fantastic…. it’s not easy at any time but it’s certainly easier having a team of women behind you and knowing that they’re there.

OUR LOCATION The location of the office has changed over the years as has the faces of the staff who provide the services and the dedicated volunteers who continue to sponsor this Project for women in our community. What doesn’t change is the Ann Terry Society’s commitment to provide specialized women centered career development and counselling services for women.