Case Management

Our Counsellors provide case management services for women who identify returning to school as part of their return to work action plan to reach their employment goals.

Our Counsellors can assist you with applications for funding and will meet regularly with you to monitor progress and revise your Return to Work Action Plan if necessary.

Throughout skills training and job search our Counsellors will provide you with on going support, encourage you to remain focused and persistent, and provide the follow up you need to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment.


The Ann Terry Project helped me to identify my marketable skills, prepare a dynamite resume, and how to use my network to find job leads. They taught me how to prepare to go out and market my self to employers and that preparing for a job interview requires, research, knowing yourself and the skills you have to offer an employer and lots and lots of practise. The Ann Terry Project helped me to land my dream job.

I think the whole atmosphere here is …one of welcome and of security and of … being able to say whatever it is you need to say, here is my challenge and knowing as a woman that’s going to be understood and it’s not going to be judged …women understand that and those challenges.

OUR LOCATION The location of the office has changed over the years as has the faces of the staff who provide the services and the dedicated volunteers who continue to sponsor this Project for women in our community. What doesn’t change is the Ann Terry Society’s commitment to provide specialized women centered career development and counselling services for women.